Pressure Relief Valve factory

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Pressure Relief Valve factory

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High Performance Steam Safety Valve, Pressure Relief Valve
High Performance Steam Safety Valve is designed for high temperature and pressure condition and widely used in power boiler, drum, steam pipelines and over heaters. This type safety valve is designed in accordance with ASME BPVC I code.By using the Flexible Thermal Disc Technology and Backpressure adjusting system, the seat tightness can be developed in high pressure conditions. It has small overpressure and blowdown and is a kind of overpressure protection device with excellent performance.
Product Range
Size: 2”-12”
Inlet flange Pressure: 150Lb-2500Lb
Available Material: WCB, WC6, WC9, C12A
ASME, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code: Section Ⅰ,Rules for Construction of Power Boilers.
ISO 4126-1: Safety Devices for Protection against Excessive pressure Part1:Safety Valves
API 520: Sizing,Selection,and Installation of Pressure-relieving Devices in Refineries Part 1-Sizing and Selection
API STD 527: Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves
TSG G0001: Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Administration Regulation
Product Range: 150Lb-2500Lb
Available Material: WCB, WC6, WC9, C12A
1. Flexible Thermal Disc--The flexible thermal disc is designed for high temperature and pressure steam service.It is designed with flexible structure that can not only avoid the leaks due to the thermal deformation,but also provide the auxiliary sealing force bu suing the steam media force.So the disc can guarantee the sealing performance of the safety valve under the high temperature and pressure condition.
2. Double Adjusting Ring--The structure allows the use of the counterforce and tensile force of the steam flow to ensure the full displacement when the blowdown is within 3%.
3. Backpressure Adjusting System--By backpressure adjusting system,the steam media pressure can provide the backpressure which can be adjusted to meet the blowdown requirements.The backpressure adjusting system can ensure the safety valve performance compliance with the ASMⅠ.
4. Low Acting Point and Sound Neutral--Lower end of the stem is spherical so that the spring force on the upper and have sound neutral and the inner part moves flexible and reliable.Low acting point can balance pressure and ensure the best sealing performance.
5. Full Nozzle Construction--The nozzle and the body are welded together.Full nozzle construction can garuantee the connection reliability in high temperature and pressure conditions.Pressure Relief Valve factory

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